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Orlando Bloom icons

bloom where you are planted

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Icons of the actor Orlando Bloom.
1. Keep on topic – you may advertise for other communities in here, as long as they're Orlando related.

2. Please lj-cut if posting large batches of icons: If you don't know how to use an lj-cut, go here.

3. Be specific - if you post icons, please let us know if you want them shared/if you would like credit/comments, etc.

4. You may request icons/banners/backgrounds etc. You may request an Orlando-related graphic that any member of the community may fill, however, please note that a reply may be a long time coming.

5. Feel free to share pictures - if you just would like to simply share some Orlando pictures you think would make nice icons, or if you're requesting an icon with a certain picture, feel free to share. All I ask is you upload them to your own server and do not hotlink. Please lj-cut these photos as well.

6. Slashy Graphics - permitted.

7. All graphics posts should include an image of Orlando. Multi-fandom posts are fine, but a teaser with Orlando would be greatly appreciated.

et cetera

Please, post only Orlando icons & graphics (friends only banners, colorbars, backgrounds etc.) in this community.

Want to talk about Orlando? Go to orlandobloom.

Having problems with your paint program or don't know how to make icons? Check out psp_tutorials.

If advertising another community here, please only advertise if it's Orlando related and please post examples of Orlando icons or graphics in your ad or I will delete it.

That's about all I can think of at the moment. I hope everything runs smoothly here and that all members try to get along with other. :D


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